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Neymar to Barcelona may be over before it even started

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Developments over the last 24 hours have pretty much destroyed the rumors of a return

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 3: Leg Two Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images

It’s become a yearly tradition at this point. Neymar, ending his time with PSG, and returning to Barcelona has become a tabloid and blog fever dream. The ex-Barca winger and Brazilian star’s contract will be at its end next year. The general thought process was that a renewal with PSG seemed certain.

However, like we’ve become accustomed to, there started to be rumors that a return to Barcelona may be in order. Those rumors are insane, to be clear. The Brazilian would need to be purchased from PSG this summer, and then Barca would have to afford his wage bill. Neither of which is possible.

PSG, having come off a lovely quarterfinal win over Bayern Munich in the Champions League, won’t be eager to let him leave. PSG’s president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, spoke about Neymar after the win was secured on Tuesday.

“Neymar’s contract? I think that Neymar’s going to stay here with us for a long time.

“It was a fantastic night for us, and a fantastic game for the media. We could have scored three or four goals, it was wonderful. I am proud of my players.

“The objective now is to win the Champions League. It’s the second year running we’ve been in the semifinals, which is a great achievement.”

Al-Khelaifi | Source