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Neymar set to sign PSG extension until 2027 - report

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This should finally end the Barcelona rumors

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 3: Leg Two Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The rumors of a Neymar return to Barcelona are finally coming to an end as the Brazilian forward is set to sign a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2027, according to a report from L’Équipe. The announcement will be made before the Champions League semi-final first leg against Manchester City, which takes place in two weeks in Paris.

The Neymar rumors have never died ever since he left Barça in 2017, and they started to heat up again over the last few weeks as reports emerged of Neymar not wanting to sign a new deal with PSG to reunite with Lionel Messi at Camp Nou if the captain were to stay.

Whether or not Neymar’s decision to finally agree a new contract has an impact on Messi’s decision is impossible to know, but at least we can stop talking about Neymar back at Barça. For like 48 hours, of course.