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Joan Laporta on Lionel Messi’s future: “Everything is progressing properly”

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The president sounds confident the captain will decide to stay

Joan Laporte Is Inaugurated As New FC Barcelona President Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

The future of Lionel Messi continues to be a hot topic at Barcelona and president Joan Laporta gave a brief update to the situation when speaking to Catalan media on his way to Seville for Saturday’s Copa del Rey Final against Athletic Bilbao.

When asked by Deportes Cuatro about Messi’s renewal, Laporta was short and sweet: “Everything is progressing properly”. There isn’t much to take from those words, but Cuatro’s report says that Laporta is confident he can present a sporting project that will convince Messi to stay even with a deal that isn’t as financially strong as the one the captain can get from other clubs on the market.

And speaking to COPE, Laporta made it clear he will not do anything crazy to try and keep Messi but is “convinced” that the captain wants to stay.

June 30th, the day that Messi’s current contract expires, is the deadline for the end of this saga. And only Leo knows what the future holds.