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Barcelona working on three-year contract for Messi - report

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Joan Laporta is 'optimistic' he can keep the captain

FC Barcelona v Getafe CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

The main premise of Joan Laporta’s campaign as he ran for Barcelona president was that he would keep Lionel Messi at Barcelona. The first obstacle in the way of that happening is actually getting pen to paper.

Messi’s contract ends this summer and he’s free to leave and go wherever he pleases. It’s been well documented the past frustrations that Messi has had with the club and its leadership. Given that the managerial situation is a bit more stable then its been in recent years, and the president is a “friend” of Messi; there seems to be a good chance he stays.

Barca are reportedly working on a deal that would be three years in length. The club, according to the report, are very aware they can’t keep paying Messi “around €75 million net annually”.

In lieu of that large yearly wage, Barca are working on a longer deal so that the money can be spread out over years to make up for a salary reduction. We’ll just have to see how that idea plays out.