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Victor Valdes set to take on Barcelona coaching role - report

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The former goalkeeper is heading back to the Camp Nou

The Otten Cup - Eindhoven Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

A report from Sport this week outlines what a Barcelona return from Victor Valdes may look like. Since Joan Laporta took over the presidency of Barca once again, he’s made it a mission to mend fences with some of those who’ve been spurned by Barcelona or left the club.

One of those people is reportedly Valdes. Laporta has reached out with the intent of getting Valdes to come back and coach goalkeepers who’re heading through La Masia.

Valdes previously came back to coach Juvenil A in 2019 but that didn’t work out too well. However, Laporta seems to be hoping Valdes can now succeed in a slightly different role with the club.

The way Valdes left the club as a player wasn’t the best, and I think all Barca fans can agree it’d be nice to have him influencing young players at the club again.