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Report: FC Barcelona Line Up Audacious £30 Million Swoop for Arsenal Star

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Reports from Spain and England rather oddly suggest that FC Barcelona are preparing a £30 million bid for Arsenal star, Mesut Ozil

Alex Livesey

You hear that sound? Yep, it’s the FC Barcelona transfer rumour generator whirring ominously back into life after a brief FIFA-enforced hiatus. Perhaps it’s the only downside to yesterday’s well-received news that FIFA are suspending the proposed transfer ban pending the outcome of Barcelona’s appeal? Now we actually have to live with this drama, wait, live though this drama for the next few months. However, while the Barca transfer rumour generator is running again, they might want to give it a quick reboot, because my goodness, it cannot be functioning properly.

Or maybe I’m just being technophobic? Maybe it’s the actual press who are to blame? Journalists have been so worried by the transfer ban that now the threat has momentarily passed, they are scrambling for a story, not even giving truth and realism a passing thought.

At least, that’s the only viable explanation I can think of for the latest rumour, coming at us direct from the media. Apparently, FC Barcelona are lining up a £30 million bid for Arsenal midfielder – and former Galactico – Mesut Ozil.

Of course, this all makes perfect sense according to our enlightened friends in the world of transfer rumour reporting. Barcelona were interested in securing Ozil’s signature back in 2011, and the German midfielder is a self-professed fan of the club. Oh, and we’re looking to sell Cesc Fabregas as well, right? Leaving aside the obvious gripes with that theory, it still doesn’t make the slightest sense. After all, even if Fabregas isn’t perceived to fit the system at FC Barcelona (even as a La Masia graduate, one that played alongside Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique) he simply has to be a better tactical fit than Mesut Ozil, a player who struggles in any position other than as a traditional number 10, a role that doesn’t exist at the Camp Nou?

If this is anything to go by, it’s shaping up to be a very long summer indeed…