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What Does The Future Hold For Victor Valdes?

Ever since suffering a season-ending knee injury, Victor Valdes has gone quiet about his future -- could he still return to FC Barcelona?

Alex Caparros

It was the 31st of May 2013 and associated members of the press were gathering in Barcelona, awaiting the appearance of FC Barcelona goalkeeper, Victor Valdés who was scheduled to hold a press conference. It was rumoured that Valdés was going to make a major announcement, and indeed the Catalan keeper dictated the headlines, painting the front pages of the Spanish dailies with but a single sentence:

"I consider that my cycle as a Barcelona player will come to an end when my current contract expires in 2014."

For some, the news came as a significant shock. This was a player who had been involved with the club in one capacity or another for the best part of two decades; to bring his affiliation with FC Barcelona to an end in such a sudden fashion?

It was unthinkable. As time passed, it became more and more apparent that Valdés’ mind was made up. There was to be no u-turn, no change of heart, yet here we are, 366 days later and still Victor Valdés is yet to announce where he will ply his trade next season.

Rumours of a move to AS Monaco were abound, while others suggested that Valdés could make the switch to the English Premier League – and perhaps he would have announced such a move, if not for the knee injury he suffered against Celta Vigo a few months ago. But fate can be a cruel mistress, and since the knee injury, the rumour mill has grown eerily quiet.

So, what exactly will happen to Victor Valdés?

One can only speculate; the recovery has reportedly been tough on him and he still has some way to go. There’s a strong chance that he may not be fit to return before 2015, and as such, very few clubs are likely to be willing to commit to a deal. Changing your goalkeeper is a risky proposition – changing your goalkeeper in mid-season, replacing him with someone who has just recovered from a serious knee injury? That’s potentially suicidal.

With Luis Enrique keen on the idea of promoting competition for Barça’s #1 jersey, is it too late for Valdés to reconsider his departure?

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