Chilavert defends Messi, says Copa América was “prepared so Brazil would become champions”

One of Paraguayan football’s biggest legends, José Luis Chilavert, has come out in defense of Lionel Messi, while calling for a boycott of CONMEBOL.

Messi complained about the treatment he received alongside his Argentina, who finished third in Copa América.

Chilavert not only agreed with Messi, but went further, saying that the tournament was “prepared so Brazil would become champions,” in words published by Mundo Deportivo.

The former goalkeeper went on a full-throated attack on South America’s football organizing body:

“CONMEBOL is killing football. Why would they sanction Messi, if we live in a democratic world? The players need to unite and boycott CONMEBOL. VAR came to legalize corruption that exists in South American football, the company that controls VAR was a part of ‘FIFAgate.’ It makes me laugh that they say, ‘Chilavert was right.’”


Anyone with a brain who saw the "random" selection of the groups and the "random" bracket knew this before the tourney started LOL

Disagree about the group selection, but...

I agree that we were favoured against Argentina. That was a clear penalty by Arthur on Ontamendi. Argentina played far better than us. We just won two counters and that is it.

If you wonder why I, as a brazilian, wanted my country to lose. Answer is: Tite is a really bad coach that tricked everybody with that win with Corinthians against that Benitez’s Chelsea, the same players who beat Barcelona at the semi-finals. So if he had lost against Argentina, probably he would have been sacked.

I think every group was relatively easy man and considering 2 3rd placed teams also qualify, that's fine I think.

Other than that though, in game decisions have clearly been biased….

I mean

Group A: Brazil (qualified 1st), Peru (5th place playoff), Bolivia and Venezuela (2 worst teams in CONMEBOL by some distance in qualifying)
Group B: Argentina (qualified 3rd), Colombia (qualified 4th), Qatar (Asian champs), and Paraguay (7th, just 2 points back from Peru)
Group C: Uruguay (qualified 2nd), Chile (defending champs, lost out to Peru on GD in qualifying), Japan (Asian Cup runner-up), and Ecuador (8th)

Group A is quite clearly the easiest on paper IMO

The first placed team from Brazil’s group played a 3rd placed team in the QFs, and then faced either 2A or 2B in the SF. Both of the other group winners were on the other side of the bracket.

Brazil playing against 3rd place team was because group B had the second 3rd place qualifying team, after the 3rd team in Group A (Brazil's group).

The draw was that group A’s top would play against the bottom of Group B and the top of group B would play against the bottom of Group C.

If Japan (from C) had finished better than Paraguay, Brazil would play Argentina in QF and Colombia would have an "easier" way because they would play the 3rd team in C (Japan).

So I personally wouldn’t say that there’s anything wrong with group selection. Put Japan in Group A and then Group A wouldn’t be the easiest anymore. It’s just about luck in the draws.

Nope, Brazil would have played Japan.

Seriously, is anything you say correct?


Corrupt conmebol has done it

The power of the second.

Bless you Chilavert, I hope this starts the avalanche of comments like this.

Just a warning because I know you'll get your brain boiled up.

Don’t bother reading my comment down below since objectivity is still something that seem very far from you. But if you’ve grown up, go ahead.

The classic "I'm right, and if you disagree you're immature" stance SMH

No, I'm simply stating that if he's ready to be objective, then he can read my comment down below.

Even in that comment I’ve stated that I’m ready to discuss with anyone with different opinion AND the ability of being objective.

Your opinion ≠ the only objective one my guy

For the third time, I'm ready to discuss with someone that is objective and who HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION.

And you're the judge on what's objective and what's not?

That doesn’t sound objective ,but you wouldn’t know that

So now you are forbidding me from reading comments?

This is a new level even for a CRstan.

Although I agree that more people should start coming out and call out corruption if there is, I feel Messi is probably going to be on the receiving end of some harsh treatment next Copa...

I think it's wrong for Messi to say what he said.

Before everyone boils their brains up, just listen.

First of all, let’s imagine if Ronaldo had said these words after losing in Euro och World Cup because the ref gave his team disadvantages. EVERYONE here would bash Ronaldo, EVERYONE who’s defending Messi would bash Ronaldo.

Second of all, Messi didn’t say anything about corruption when Barcelona is the one getting advantages, in La Liga or CL. It just happens, sometimes referees do wrong and it happens to benefit one team over the other. A mistake of the ref will always benefit either one team or the other. And even if it is corrupted, why doesn’t he speak when Barcelona gets advantages? Why doesn’t he call CL corrupted, for instance? Then we all just say "meh, the ref made som mistakes, it was a bad ref". If he has proof that it’s corrupted, then he should say it and prove it. Now it just seem childish and like a sore loser.

After the game, I was one of those who agreed with Messi over how corrupted it is, probably due to the heat of the moment. But now that I’ve collected my thoughts and seen it objectively, it just sounds childish.

Before you reply, try to see this whole thing objectively. If you’re going to comment something like "you’re a Ronaldo fanboy" or "go to the RM blog" or something childish like that, spare yourself the time and make yourself a sandwich because those comments will be ignored.

If anyone is willing to have an objective discussion as an adult, I’m open for it.


That’s a massive generalisation.
Do you agree with the ref’s decision to give Messi the red card?

Not sure if I agree with that but Messi did shove his shoulder in Mendel's face first and that's what the ref saw.

I don’t know if it should be red or not but definitely a yellow and maybe even a red.

You're such a CRstan that oyu can't even say that Messi didn't deserve red?

I would agree with u if what happened was a ref’s mistake, especially with messi who has suffered (and benefitted) from ref mistakes in the past without complaining in this manner. But this is totally different, its clear that he was being punished on the field for smth he said outside. This is what corruption is. Im sure there are other stuff that happened/happening that we dont know about, but in general i totally believe there is corruption, which is present everywhere in our world.

What a giant load of BS LOL

The huge difference is the history of corruption within CONMEBOL. FFS, in their statement defending themselves, CONMEBOL said "we’re trying not to be as corrupt starting in 2016" LOL.

Second of all, Messi didn’t say anything about corruption when Barcelona is the one getting advantages, in La Liga or CL

When do Barca "get advantages" in La Liga? If anything, we get screwed over a lot, especially considering our stature (and especially compared to Madrid).

And also, because the RFEF and LFP in Spain and UEFA don’t have the history of corruption as CONMEBOL.

For example, most people also think the 2015 Copa was rigged for Chile—they got away with massive thuggery against Peru in the SF, and somehow Cavani got a red card after Jara stuck a finger in his bum in the QF. CONMEBOL rigging Copa America tourneys for the home team isn’t a new thing LOL.

I'm not talking about CONMEBOL as an organisation.

I’m talking about the Copa America this year. Messi is saying that, due to corruption, Brazil was favoured. That is an immature stance on the matter and something a sore loser would say. The referees have made mistakes and will make mistakes until football ceases to exist or until referees will all be robots.

You can’t deny there’s some games where Barca gets advantages in La Liga.

People might think that that Copa was rigged for Chile. Just like people think that CL was rigged for Barcelona during the year of "it’s a disgrace" (Pogba). But Messi didn’t say anything in 2015 about it being rigged for Chile because he shouldn’t but now he’s suddenly saying shit.

Home team advantage exists in all competitions. Most of the time it’s a psychological thing with the refs because they know at the back of their heads that if they do some mistake against the home team, everyone around them (the whole home crowd, people on the street, hotels of the refs) would not be that safe for the refs. It exists in Copa America, Euro, World Cup and all competitions. Doesn’t mean it’s rigged.

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