Argentina - Italy supercup match reportedly in the works

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With two of the biggest tournaments in football having finals one day after the other, many fans were wondering what would happen if the winners of Copa América, Argentina, met the Euro 2020 champions, Italy.

It may not be just a dream, according to new rumors, which say CONMEBOL (who organize Copa América) have sent a message to UEFA (the organization behind the Euros) about scheduling a one-off match to decide who’s better.

Argentina won their final 1-0 against Brazil, as Lionel Messi lifted his first major honors with the national team, in a tournament in which he also won the best player and top scorer awards.

Meanwhile, Italy defeated England on penalties after a 1-1 draw. Italian keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was given the award for best player after two consecutive victories in shootouts in the tournament.

Normally, the winners of both tournaments joined up alongside the winners of other continental competitions in the FIFA Confederations Cup, held a year prior to each World Cup.

However, the Confederations Cup was scrapped recently. The last edition was 2017, in which Chile, the Copa América champions, defeated the European champions, Portugal, but lost the final against Germany, the reigning World Cup champions.

There is a prior cup to this which matched the South American against the European champions - the Artemio Franchi Trophy. It was only played twice, in 1985 and 1993.

In 1985, Uruguay lost 2-0 to France in Paris. And in 1993, Argentina won against Denmark on penalties in Argentina. Coincidentally, that was also the last year Argentina had won a major trophy until this year. The cup was named after a former president of UEFA who died in a road accident.

It’s expected that this new version of the cup will not be able to be played this year due to a clogged fixture calendar and the effects of the pandemic. However, the idea is to play it next year as a preview to the World Cup.



Argentina will eat up the Italian side.

They were absolutely the better team among the 4 in the finals.

No way Argentina will 'eat up' this Italian side.

Italy and Argentina were both very good in the finals. Can’t say for sure who will win.

I didnt see it that way

Italy won because England pretty much shut down in the second half. England were dreadful in the final.

On the other hand, Messi was playing with an injury and Argentina won against a solid Brazil who faught till the end. I would say Italy and Brazil would be 50-50.

The only team out of the 4 that came with a strategy was Argentina.

Mhm but Italy have a better squad.

In terms of Squad

Brazil and England were both favorites. We all know how that played out. On match day this is how I would rank the 4 teams:

1) Argentina – played with strategy and determination
2) Brazil – played with determination but lacked strategy
3) Italy – played with determination, started with no strategy but grew into the game.
4) England – Shut down after the first 15 mins. No strategy & no determination for the rest of the game.

I was just thinking that they should make this match

It would probably be more of a friendly, however. Still, it would be a very interesting matchup and a nice lead up to the World Cup.

Yes make it a friendly

So that the World Cup doesn’t lose its value and call it the Inter Continental cup.

Everyone can agree that Europe and South America are the strongest International Confederations, by a large margin.

This sounds awesome.

I think they should just do a mini tournamnet

Brazil, England, Argentina, and Italy. lol. Let’s see if Gareth can actually beat a half decent team that doesn’t have a Muller

lol he will probably shithouse his way into ET and lose on penalties again

scenes when English fans brag about being in the semis of a 4 team tournament.....

but fr, a very good concept which would put the teams against the biggest opponents to see who comes out on top.

Argentina would lose that match tbh. I still think argentina frontline is a problem and so is there midfield going forward. They can defend well but if messi is covered then their whole offense is dead.

Italy’s defense is monstrous and their midfield was only outdone by the kings of possession (spain). Messi is too old to be taking on a massive organized monster like italy alone.

They need a new di maria who is fit enough to last more than 30mins. A CF who is blistering fast and tricky, Martinez is good but he’s overrated af. A midfielder who can maintain possession and progress the ball, a deep laying playmaker to pick long passes consistently.

everything about argentina right now is muscle and hit the wings, this takes messi out the game for long periods, either forcing him to go wide right or drop too deep and the best place you want messi is middle close to the 30 yard area. i’m actually quite surprised he scored 4 goals and 5 assist with the way argentina play. Scaloni ball won the copa but they can’t do that shit in qatar.

Would be SO much fun.

Perfect match to test Argentina

Good game to test Argentina for the world cup. However, Argentina needs players for some position esp RB and DM.

If it is official it can go two ways:

They win they raise the confidence more and all good
The more likely one is a draw or a lose and they lose all their confidence
I mean italy hasnt lost in 30-35 games and as much as i hate to say this they most likely lose
so even if a friendly they might lose their confidence

"Attack wins you games and defense wins you titles"

Italy probably wins this.

Hard to see Lautaro and Co score against this Italian defense. Messi will probably get marked out of the game.

Messi flying header in 89th minute....who says no?

Italy have been really lucky, especially with spain.

To win two games in a row at penalty, that’s all about luck.

Congrats to italy for winning, but it was far from how argentina won their title in copa america.


Just imagine the reaction of Ronaldo fans if Messi goes on to win this trophy.
Messi will get 2nd International trophy as well the barking of importance of Ronaldo’s International trophy is more Messi’s International trophy will also stop(Euro>Copa). As certainly this trophy will have more value than Euro.

As comparative achievements, winning the Copa America with Argentina against Brazil at the Maracana is comparable to winning Euros as part of a stacked Portugal team.

Another International title for Messi and co to gobble up...

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