Ilaix Moriba’s Barcelona renewal talks still not progressing

Barcelona have been negotiating a new deal for Ilaix Moriba for a few weeks now, but a total agreement between all parties is still yet to be found.

Last week, Mateu Alemany and the representatives of Ilaix Moriba sat down to continue discussions over a new deal but, due to economic reasons, the positions between the parties were far off.

It is reportedly believed that his agents are making high demands, which is a big barrier in these negotiations. No official proposal was made during this meeting, as per the same.

Fast forward to today, another meeting has taken place in search fof an agreement but, just like last time, a new deal for Ilaix Moriba still cannot be said as ‘imminent’. Ronald Koeman wants the situation to be resolved by this week.

As far as overall intentions among the parties are concerned, Barcelona wants Moriba to renew his contract and the player also wants to continue — but the club are standing firm on their ground. They will not allow Moriba to take part in the first-team pre-season until an agreement over his contract renewal is close to being reached.



Chelski buys and loans

If barca is able to convince big stars to sit down for pay reduction talks. How hard is it to convince a teenager to sign a new deal?

Maybe he sees the writing on the wall...

Big concern area

Good thing is that the talks have started.

He is not first team quality

If his agent is asking for crazy money leave him in the junior team

His agent has him thinking he already made it.

Love his upside but we need to ship him if he thinks we are still in the business of overpaying for just potential right now. Loyalty or money young man.

its because koeman played him last season even when he was poor

so he is starting to think he has reached that level where you play no matter what thats why he and his father kept saying that they are pleased by the faith koeman has showed and thats why his agents are demanding the wages of such a player

Can't believe what's happening

I thought he was a humble guy

everyone shows their true colors bro nowadays

He doesn’t see the big picture

With Koeman favoring him over a superior (puig) he should know that he has to keep his head down and work hard until he becomes one of the starters in the first team which is a long way to go but unfortunately we always play out expensive players more even though they are shit so I guess he is going with the latter approach

He was touted as junior Pogba and it was a bad choice because he seems to be following Pogba too much his attitude ,his mediocore style . If you want to play for Barca salary is not your priorities . And if he want to go to real Madrid just for money then he should remember that real Madrid were always successful because of their galactic transfer approach . CR7,Zidane,figo,bale all were galacticos . Very few homegrown players were successful there like Raul,casillas etc . We have seen in last few years that youngsters career is getting destroyed there . They don’t have that stepping stone for youngsters . So ilaix will only dig the hole for himself . He should take salary according to his performance . Barca is a best place for home grown players albeit during barto regime we copied real Madrid galactico approach and now we are seeing consequences of it . Barca won all 5 UCL primely because of la Masia . The first UCL was won by Cruyff and his la masia graduates . Rijkaard too won it with la masia players . Pep solely depended on Messi,Xavi,iniesta . For that he even neglected zlatan type player . This should be the approach of Barca . Laporta should focus on those players who want Barca not their money . If this kid don’t want to succeed on his merit and only want to play for money then sell him to psg ,Chelsea type clubs where he will bath with euro . Even I am already warning Laporta that don’t pursue haaland because he will not play for our pride instead will mostly depend on money . He just doesn’t suit our philosophy . Rather find some gem like talents who want to play for Barca . Yousufa Moukaka of dortmund is looking like a gem player . He even idolises Messi . If he could be got without too much expensive we would be stealing the transfer of the decade . I am betting that unless these type of players ilaix,haaland will run after money they will never win a balon d or or even a respect at their clubs . Mbappe was a good guy but living with Neymar has affected his attitude too . I had just one advice for these youngsters . Be like Messi,lahm,iniesta not like Neymar,zlatan only then you will be successful .

leo messi is successful

because he plays for the team….. no ball0n dors….. he even said that winning with the team matters….. i dont fancy ballon dors as objective to win…… it happens by itself….. he should get his head down and play for barça or he may leave….. no place for greedy teenagers

Ballon D'or is not even a trophy, it is an award, which depends on people's opinions

I'd say 4/5 were primarily La Masia

Neymar and Suarez were arguably 2 of the biggest parts of the 2015 win (along with Messi obvs). And they were pretty much galactico’s. Plus others like Rakatic, Mascherano, Dani Alves, and MATS played important parts too.

Is this Hagrid?

No, this is Patrick

Sell him

If Puig is willing to be all in for a future at Barca, who is he to think differently.
We need players who will want to succeed here above all else.

if you are not sure about barça

leave….. no greedy players reqd…… what does he want to do with that salary….. build a monument……. its clear that he looks to leave barça……. no problem leave barça dont return….. we dont want you……… a guy like riqui still staying and this kid wants money……. gift him to psg….. cash on him…… cut the crap

Personally saying we should try this lineup in the first Group match -
Neto (Asumming that he is not leaving )
Dest,Araujo, Lenglet,Alba
Dejong, Busquet,Puig/Demir
Messi,Aguero, Depay
Hope Griezzman ,umiti should be sold by the time league starts .
Coutinhuo selling may take time . So coutinhuo is my sub for depay at lw . If he will be sold then I would give collado a chance .
But if koeman reverts to his 3-5-2 formation then
Dest,Dejong, Busquet,Puig/Demir,Alba
Messi,Depay .
One more formation is in my mind 4-4-2
Dest,Araujo, Lenglet,Alba
Messi,Dejong,Busquets, Coutinhuo/collado

it will be a 4-3-1-2 with Messi at CAM and Aguero and Depay as strikers and the rest of players will be same as last season

Pique, Lenglet, Roberto and ALba at defence

And after we drop 15 points by half season we realize we've seen this before

And sacking Koeman for 13 million would have been a bargain.

well that ofcourse is how we roll

bruh , where is pedri

I think if we persist with our traditional (433) formation then it would be on Messi to score goals but aguero too could be deadly as he will get a winger like Messi . Since MSN broke we hadn’t seen Messi working too much at right wing because mostly he and Suarez were used as strikers i am eager to watch the front three where Messi could operate at right with more freedom scoring goals and assisting to a pure striker . Dejong here is a key for us . Since koeman don’t use Him as a CDM dejong should run forward and not rely only on passing the ball to Messi Instead he could too hit the post . When Pedri will come this role will be of him . I am already excited to see how depay operates. Having Messi in a same lineup didn’t give that much freedom to roam but players like Neymar still used their own creativity . Depay I hope will score a considerable amount of goals . When Fati will come he and depay will rotate between left wing and striker role . Aguero has still has left in his tank and I want him to burst into the opposition box and score some extra time goals and give us agueroooooooo moment .

Messi will never play as a winger in his life.

We need to forget that and think of him as – roaming all over the place deep lying playmaker, amc and shadow striker – all in one. And this allround invented "position" only GOAT can do. It is revolutionary in football. Just Koeman needs to be smart enough (dont know about this) to incorporate other players to Messi accordignly.

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